Hamish Scott
 “As newcomers to New Plymouth and becoming commercial tenants we have found Ekdahl Property Management a great partner in our new venture. Our dealings with Mike and Steve and team have been positive with any issues or queries dealt with in a professional and timely manner. Looking forward to growing our share of the outdoor power equipment market in Taranaki and a continuing partnership with the team at EPM.” 
Heydon Young
 A startup is a company working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed – That’s exactly what Insure Taranaki Limited was in 2016 when we began looking for suitable premises to launch a new business. The whole team at Ekdahl Property Management delivered on time and exceed expectations with their renovation plans. They go above and beyond with their support and flexibility to accommodate the needs of the business as it changes and grows. Ekdahl Property Management are extremely responsive to any queries and take pride in providing quality premises for us to enjoy working in and share with our clients. Becoming a tenant was one of the first decisions made in the business and has proven to be the right one. 
David Frank
 ICE Electrical Solutions as a Company has had many dealings with EPL Property as clients over the years however it is only in the past few years that the opportunity arose to move premises. After a review of the building/workshop available and a discussion regarding our specific requirements and associated costs the process started to renovate the building as agreed. Throughout the whole process we found EPL Property to be open and easy to contact by phone or email with any changes to our requirements or concerns resolved with very little fuss. We have found it easier to deal with a local landlord than one at a distance. EPL Property deal with all their own property management and contact me from time to time to ensure there are no concerns or repairs regarding the building. Any repairs are seen to without delay and done with as little disruption as possible. We would highly recommend anyone who is contemplating moving premises to consider a property run by EPL Property. We have not been disappointed with our decision and look forward to many years as a satisfied tenant. 
Graham Alexander
 When our business had outgrown its premises we searched long and hard for an ideal alternative. The premises offered by Ekdahl Property Management ticked most of the boxes and their cooperative and flexible approach gave us the confidence to make the move. The move has proved very successful and we are now considering a longer term agreement as we have found them very easy to work with and responsive to our needs. 
Tony Zieltjes
 We rented all of the properties at 240 Devon St East from the Ekdahl Property Management for 14 years. During that period we had the usual maintenance and replacement requirements. Because most of the buildings were used for tertiary education and housed up to 400 on site students plus 120 staff for 5000 Distance Learner support and administration any breakdown and maintenance repairs had to be immediate. During these 14 years the Ekdahls always did regular maintenance and upkeep and any breakdown was attended to within minutes of alerting them to the problem or as soon as practically possible. As well as being very good landlords, our business relationship with Paul and his sons has been outstanding. We wish them well for the future and any future tenants will appreciate their very professional business manner. 
Aditya Vasa
 Our experience in dealings with Kauri Holdings Ltd has been very positive right from the start. During the negotiation stage Mike and Paul were very flexible and accommodating with the Ministry’s requirements. During the fit-out stage, they were present throughout the process and always available for advice and assistance. With their help, we managed to complete the fit-out project under budget. During the move stage, Mike & Paul provided great support to me and helped me with managing the movers at one location when I was at the other location. Since the move, Paul & Mike have been very accessible whenever our staff on site have had a maintenance issue or concern. We find that their being local is of tremendous advantage and value to any tenant in that building. I greatly enjoy dealing with Paul & Mike and am sure other tenants feel the same way. 
Allan Richards
 We at Fire Security Services have been associated with Ekdahl properties for a number of years as a service provider of fire protection systems, including new installations, and the servicing of fire alarms, sprinklers, emergency lighting, and building compliance related checks. Ekdahl Properties management are committed to maintaining systems within their premises to a high standard, and pro-actively seek to ensure they maintain compliance within the building act.  
Jeff Blyde
 HealthCare NZ have recently moved in 214 Devon Street East a property we lease from Kauri holdings. Our New Plymouth HCNZ team had worked with the Ekdahl family in looking at the possibility of moving to this new site. We had a blank piece of canvas as the building was an open space. It soon became apparent to us at HCNZ that the Ekdahl family is very experienced in coordinating and listening to the needs and expectations for both individuals and corporate. Paul and Mike were always just a phone call away. Steve was on hand to draw up any visual plans for our team discussions and Phil was always on hand to sort out the important elements of moving into a new office. Now we are settled into our now premises we find the Ekdahl team approachable, friendly and cooperative.