Health and Safety

“Our Commitment to Your Safety”

We believe we have an obligation, extending beyond just compliance, to do everything we can to ensure the health and safety of those who occupy our properties or who may be impacted by our activities.
We are also aware that tenants as a business in their own right have obligations and aspirations concerning the health and safety of your people and stakeholders – we want to support you in those.

We take safety seriously.

Internally we have robust health and safety management systems which ensure our building and maintenance activities are carried out safely and with upmost consideration to the potential impact on tenants and your people. We insist our contractors share the same level of commitment and operate to the same standards as we expect of ourselves.

Our commitment to your safety extends to your premises.

We have robust systems and activities in place that ensure your premises meet, and often exceed, the requirements of the Building Act 2004. We proactively ensure the key safety features and processes relating to the health and safety of your premises are in place and are operating at 100% and our Health and Safety systems are reviewed annually.
We strive to ensure our buildings exceed minimum earthquake standards through our approach to building selection, fit out, and via earthquake strengthening programs where standards are not met. We have invested significant resource to ensure our team is among the best in understanding and implementing the most current best practice in earthquake strengthening methods.

We want to support you in your safety journey.

We share your commitment to safety. If you have any specific requirements or if there is anything we can do to support you then please rest assured we will go the extra mile to make it happen.